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Propane Lawn Mowers

Propane-powered mowers are the latest innovation in green lawn equipment. They burn clean and offer a 35% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions, without a loss of performance compared to gasoline and diesel models. Many propane lawn mowers already adhere to the EPA’s proposed 2012 air standards. Their environmental compatibility allows them to mow on OZONE action days, whereas traditional mowers cannot.

For lawn mower fleet owners, propane is typically 20-30% less expensive than gasoline when acquired through a fuel contract. In addition to reduced fuel costs, many other savings are achievable with propane. Engines require less upkeep and last longer because of the clean-burning fuel. Also, losses due to accidental waste can be reduced or eliminated. According to the EPA, approximately 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled each year while refueling lawn equipment. Propane uses a closed fueling system, preventing such spills from occurring in the first place. This system also prevents thieves from siphoning the fuel.

New mowers can purchase propane platforms from commercial mower manufacturers and retailers. For existing mowers, Lampton-Love can convert the units you already own to propane. Propane lawn mower grants are available in Mississippi and Louisiana–up to $2,500 toward the purchase of a new propane mower, and $1,500 toward the conversion of a commercial mower with less than 200 hours of use (though we hope to have this increased to 1,000 hours in 2012.)