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Truck Conversions

If your vehicle racks up a lot of miles, you already know how painful gasoline prices can be. They’re expensive, unpredictable, and overly dependent on the stability of other countries. Thankfully, there’s an alternative. Lampton-Love now offers propane conversions for select vehicles.

Convert Your Truck To Propane

Propane is a less expensive, clean burning alternative fuel produced almost entirely in the USA. With prices 30-40% lower than gasoline or diesel, converting your truck to propane is the easiest way to save money while going green. In addition to already-low prices, the federal government guarantees a 50¢ per gallon tax credit, making the cost-savings margin that much greater.

Switching to propane offers a number of other benefits, including increased engine life, extended oil life and better safety. That means more uptime for your vehicle and less time spent on maintenance. Converting your truck is less expensive than replacing it with a newer hybrid, and you can continue to use the same reliable vehicle you’re used to. With upgrades.

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